The data landscape

Data Quadrant Model

How can we meaningfully talk about data in our organization?

To define a suitable data vision and strategy, Michael introduces the Data Quadrant Model to FastChangeCo.

The goal is to align various perspectives on what it means to work with data.

Sylvia Seven - FastChangeCoThe Data Quadrant Model is a sense-making framework, that can help resolve the difficulties of bringing stakeholders on the same page with regards to data management.

A sense-making framework provides a structure for individuals to connect their understanding and experiences to, so that potentially different experiences and perspectives can be placed in a shared context.

Usually, the majority of stakeholders share a common goal. However, they may not have a common understanding of the journey to achieve this. Therefore, it is helpful for all parties involved to create a common ground —a shared understanding— for the planning, design, execution, control and management of data in the company.


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