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Meet FastChangeCo

FastChangeCo hires Michael Mueller to deliver the best data solution that can possibly be designed.

Michael's first task is to understand what's 'wrong' with the data, the drivers for change, and the need for a new vision and strategy.

What does good look like?

Michael Mueller - FastChageCoWith several thousands of employees, and hundreds of products, FastChangeCo has generates billions in turnover.

During the 90s, FastChangeCo started its first Business Intelligence (BI) initiative to better understand the business, and to optimize value creation during manufacturing. As years went by, a second and third Data Warehouse was built but once again this solution is slowly but surely coming to its end of life.

Due to ever faster changing business needs, FastChangeCo tried to expand the Data Warehouse with modern technologies several times. However, in the end it still falls short on truly satisfying the business' needs. It just can't keep up.

To design a solution that can adapt at the speed of the business, Michael Mueller has been hired to deliver the best data solution that can possibly be designed. This will be the last one they are going to need.


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